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Venue and Facilities

Venue and Facilities

The club's boathouse is located in Telulah Park, on the south side of Appleton, Wisconsin. We row an approximately 6,000 meter section of the Fox River located between the College Avenue Bridge in Appleton and Sunset Park in Kimberly.

The Fox River at Appleton is ideally suited for rowing. The river is largely sheltered from all but the worst winds, and although the locks at the top and bottom of the course are now open to boat traffic, our section of the river is relatively quiet. Eagles, osprey, herons, pelicans and other wildlife are common sights.

The club's 7,200 square foot boathouse was built in 1996, on land leased from the City of Appleton. The two-bay building has rack space for 12 eights/fours and approximately 16 singles and doubles.

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